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Welcome to BAPAA's "find a friend" website  Membership is free but is restricted to au pairs placed by BAPAA agencies in the UK.

In order to register as a member of you will need a password from your BAPAA agency in the UK. Please contact them if you have not already been provided with one.

We also have very strict safety rules to which you will have to agree.

When you are completing the Registration Form, try not to use any unusual characters or letters with accents in your name, username or password.  These can become corrupted in the system and you may not be able to log on as a result.

All new registrations are notified to the agency that is selected during the registration process.

Any new members who are not registered with that agency will immediately have their membership terminated.

Please note that, for security reasons, your registration will not become active until 24 hours after registration.

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