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Privacy Statement

of the British Au Pair Agencies Association (BAPAA)



BAPAA's website (the Website) takes the privacy of its users' data very seriously. This document sets out how handles and respects the privacy of data related to its members. It also discloses how we comply with the data protection laws which apply in the United Kingdom. It is a legal document and forms part of the's Terms and Conditions. If this Privacy Statement changes, then we will let users know via our homepage.

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1. Personal Data held by

  • Data related to Members (au pairs)
    This information is collected at the time of first registration. When you first log in to register as a Member on the Website, you also provide your date of birth, your nationality, your gender and your planned leaving date. Once you have registered, this data can be accessed by you through the ‘Your Details’ page.
  • Altering Personal Data. Members may change their planned leaving date and are encouraged to keep it up-to-date via the ‘Your Details’ page; Members may also change their post code but only once via the same page. Other Personal Data, once confirmed by new Members at registration, cannot then be changed by Members. It may only be altered by, and only in exceptional circumstances at the express request of the Member concerned. We require notification of the proposed change and the surrounding circumstances via email in order to make any such amendments. reserves the right to refuse to accept proposed changes by Members if they are considered to constitute an abuse of the service.

2. Use and disclosure of Personal Data

  • Data revealed to other Members. Once a Member has logged-in and registered on the website for the first time, their name, age, gender, nationality, planned leaving date, and the area where they are living may be visible to other Members conducting a ‘search for aupairfriends’ using the database of Members.
  • Email addresses. A Member’s email address is not accessible to anyone on any screen of the website. The only legitimate way of making initial contact with another au pair Member found on is for a Member to enter a message which we will send on the Member’s behalf. The email sent will include the sending Member’s email address so that the recipient can respond to the sender. It will also disclose the sender’s name, gender, age, nationality, location and planned leaving date for the benefit of the recipient. This means by sending a contact message, the sending Member is disclosing her/his email address. If your email system automatically responds to emails, your email address will be revealed.  
  • news emails. BAPAA may occasionally send general news emails to au pair Members via
  • Providing data to third parties. We do not sell rent or trade your Personal Data to third parties for commercial purposes, except with your express consent; the only circumstances in which we will provide any of your Personal Data to a third party for non-commercial purposes are those contained in this Privacy Policy.
  • Third-party advertising. BAPAA may include advertising by other businesses on We may provide third parties with anonymous demographic data about users of the website and usage patterns in order to attract advertising of interest to users.
  • Disclosure for legal reasons. If we receive a legally-compliant request for the disclosure of a Member’s data, we reserve the right to provide that data.
  • Retention of Personal Data. Your membership will be terminated the day that you leave your Host Family or are no longer an au pair (as identified by your planned leaving date), or after 12 months from registration, whichever is earlier. Your Personal Data will be deleted from the website when your membership is terminated. You can request that your membership is terminated and your Personal Data deleted at any time by emailing 

3. Security of Personal Data

BAPAA has taken the necessary precautions to protect the security of individuals’ Personal Data on the website. Generally accepted standards of technology and operational security have been implemented to protect personal information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. The personal information held by us is held on, and processed by, computers situated in the United Kingdom.

All employees and principals are required to keep personal data confidential and only authorised personnel have access to this data.

However, it remains each Member’s responsibility to:

  • keep her/his password secret and protect against unauthorised access to the service;
  • ensure nobody else can access through the machine that a Member uses while they are "logged on" to; 
  •  “log off” from when they not using it;

All members have to confirm that they are an au pair and agree to keep the following safety rules before they can use the ‘make a search for aupairfriends’ facility:

  • No family address details or personal information about your family are to be given out in emails. Telephone numbers may only be given out with the permission of your host family. This is for you and your family's safety.
  • You will only reveal your email address if you send someone an email. You do not have to reply to emails sent to you if you don't want to. Please be respectful in emails.
  • If after sending emails you wish to meet up with another au pair, only do so in a public place and tell your host family where you are going, who you will meet up with and what time you will be back. If you can, take a friend with you.
  • While BAPAA has in place security features designed to reduce the chance of someone who is not an au pair becoming a member of, the security of this service cannot be guaranteed. You are using the worldwide web and you use this website at your own risk.



If you have any questions about this privacy statement, or your experience of, you can contact us at You can also use this address if you wish to request from BAPAA a copy of the Personal Data we hold about you. Please note that by English law we are entitled to charge you a small sum for providing this information. You can obtain further information about data protection laws by visiting the Information Commissioner's website at


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