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As a BAPAA au pair, if you become a member of, you can find other BAPAA au pairs who live close to you and search for au pairs of all nationalities or au pairs from one country only. A search will reveal information as shown in the example below.  Contact your BAPAA agency in the UK for their agency password, if you have not already been supplied with one.


Name Age Male/
From Place Distance Leaving Contact
19 F German Guildford, Surrey 5 km February 2004 Click to email
20 F Swedish Godalming, Surrey 5 km July 2004 Click to email

You will be able to email another au pair on the list and they can email you. You do not have to reply to emails sent to you if you don't want to, and you will only reveal your email address if you send an email to another member. Host family addresses and telephone numbers do not appear on this site. has very strict safety rules to which you will have to agree. 






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