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Doctors, Dentists & Emergency Help

Doctors, Dentists & Emergency HelpA family doctor is called a "general practitioner" or GP in the UK.

Most au pairs that are here for 6 months or more will be able to register with their family's GP (in the National Health Service) and there is no charge to see the doctor once registered. However it is up to the individual GP whether he/she will accept you onto their list of patients and treat you for free.

Pharmacists, often known as chemists in UK, can dispense a limited range of medicines without a doctor's prescription. For prescribed medicines, there is a standard prescription charge and au pairs will have to pay for their own prescriptions. Contraceptives (to prevent pregnancy) which are prescribed by the GP are free in the UK.

For medical advice by phone you can call 111.


All au pairs who require emergency treatment at a hospital will be treated free of charge by a hospital but for any non urgent care or ongoing medical care such as transfer back home, they will be charged. For this reason it is very important that au pairs come to the UK with fully comprehensive medical insurance.


Dentists are mostly private so the au pair would probably have to pay for any dental treatment. Unless it is an emergency you are best to wait until you go home to see a dentist. For urgent dental treatment call NHS direct to find a local dentist 0845 46 47.

To find a list of the closest GP surgeries and dentists to your family there is a web site

Other Useful Numbers

Emergencies - ambulance, fire or police - no coins needed. Tel: 999

FPA -Family planning advice (contraception), sexual health and advice on unwanted pregnancies

England 0845 122 8690

Wales 029 20 644034

Northern Ireland 0845 122 8687

Scotland 0845 122 8676


Marie Stopes Clinic - Advice on contraception and unwanted pregnancies Tel: 0845 300 8090

British Pregnancy Advisory service - emergency contraception and termination of pregnancy Tel: 08457 304030

Sexually transmitted diseases and National HIV/AIDS helpline Tel: 0800 567123

Rape and sexual abuse support centre helpline - Tel: 0808 802 9999

Eating disorders Association - An adult helpline for advice on anorexia nervosa and bulimia Tel: 0845 6341414

Samaritans - Tel: 0845 7909090 (24 hour help line) - If you have a crisis or need someone to talk to.

Alcoholics Anonymous (Mon-Friday 9am-5pm) Tel: 0845 769 7555 - for any alcohol problems

Narcotics Anonymous-for drug problems - Tel: 0845 3733366 or 020 7730 0009 (10 am-10pm)

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