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Can an au pair become a member of if she/he was placed via the internet or through an au pair agency which is not a member of BAPAA?

Unfortunately not.  Membership of the website is restricted to au pairs placed by BAPAA-member agencies.  BAPAA au pairs should contact their agency if they have not received details.  N.B. For the safety of the au pair and host family, BAPAA always recommends that au pair placements are arranged via a reputable agency, preferably a BAPAA-member agency. 

How do I become a member of

If you are a BAPAA au pair, you should contact your agency in the UK for their agency password, which you will need to use in the registration process.

If an au pair leaves their placement early, can the membership be transferred to another au pair?

No. Membership is not transferable from one au pair to another.

Is available all the UK?

Yes, membership of aupairfriends is available to au pairs placed by BAPAA agencies all over the UK.

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